A yacht sailing holiday in Greece for a week – Sporadic Islands


This holiday gives you the chance to visit the gorgeous Sporadic Islands and a part of the Halkidiki peninsula as well. We will show you how incredible and different they can be under the prism of the sea and the bright sun. The itinerary is incredibly pleasant and suitable for people who have never ever sailed before but have a maritime spirit.

We advise you to arrive in Neos Marmaras in the afternoon before departure in order to take a rest from your travelling to Greece and to load the yacht with the necessary supplies. If you take our advice we will not charge you for spending the night on the yacht.


Day 1

Neos Marmara

Your adventure starts from a little harbor in the southern part of Sithonia (Halkidiki) called Neos Marmaras which also has a parking lot for your automobile. The voyage is 58 sea miles long and lasts around 8 hours, afterwards you will spend around 16 hours on the island of Skopelos.



Skopelos is the greenest island in the Aegean Sea. Do you know that the movie Mamma Mia was shot there? Aside from its amazing fauna, the island has picturesque beaches which you fill find fascinating. There are more than 360 churches on Skopelos, 123 of them located in the town which also bears the name of the island.

Day 2

Kyra Panagia

On the second day we set sail for Kyra Panagia – an uninhabited island famous for its beautiful beaches and excellent snorkeling conditions. The island belongs to the monastery of the Great Lavra and its shore is considered to be one of the most eye capturing in the southern part of the Aegean Sea. We will cast anchor there and spend the night in one of the Kyra Panagia’s wonderful bays.

Day 3


On the third day we will sail in the direction of the island of Alonissos and the tiny but very beautiful harbor – Pastiri where houses are built in tiers on the rocks. The island is densely forested with pines, which are picturesquely overlooking the sea. In the past, the island had been famous for its wine but unfortunately the vineyards had been destroyed by diseases during the 50s of the 20th century.

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Day 4


On the fourth day we set sail for Panormos, the so-called ‘natural harbor’ on the southern cost of Skopelos. The cove is incredibly beautiful with its turquoise-colored water and the shelter created by the surrounding hills. The beach is a popular destination and offers a variety of water sports, traditional taverns and cafes, and shops.

Day 5 and 6


On the fifth day we arrive on Skiathos. The town has grown in recent years and currently represents a scaled version of the famous Mykonos. You can enjoy the variety of bars and clubs which offer entertainment until dawn. However, do not neglect the nature of the island, its mountainous terrain is covered with forests - coniferous vegetation, palm trees and olive trees. The "most beautiful beach in the Aegean Sea – Kukunarias can be found here. On the next (6th day) we will tour the island of Skiathos.

Day 7

Porto Kufo

On the seventh day we are going back to Halkidiki and will spent the night in Porto Kufo – a small fishing village located in Sithonia. The nature around the village will astound you with its beauty. The largest ‘natural harbor’ in Greece can be found here which was also used by the Turkish pirates as headquarters in the past and also by the German submarines during World War II.

*During the passage you are given the opportunity to fish by trolling and the chance of catching tuna or other large fish is great

* Each of the routes is an example and can be modified according to your wishes and requirements. It is appropriate to note, however, that the voyage depends largely on the weather and under unsuitable weather conditions the pre-approved itinerary can be changed. All this is done by the captain in agreement with you and only and exclusively for your own safety and that of the yacht respectively.