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Neos Marmaras
Neos Marmaras is the most famous and second largest resort on Sithonia. Located on the southwest coast of the sleeve, between Nikki and the ancient village of Toro, 118 km from Thessaloniki. Founded in 1922 by refugees from Marmaras, Asia Minor. Its permanent residents currently numbering almost 3000, but with tourists in summer reaches 20 000.
The town was built in tiers of three hills that are part of the mountain Dragondelis hill, covered with pine trees and 811 meters high (the highest point on the screen). Part of the town is situated on rocky headland in the sea and gives the feeling of the island. This is the place for people who want tocombine vibrant nightlife with nature walks and uninhabited beaches.
The resort offers a variety of hotels and rooms for rent, restaurants, bars and shops. You can rent a car, bicycle or boat, to take diving lessons or just lying on the beach. Nearby can be seenPartenonas old village, with well-preserved houses of times past.
East of Neos Marmaras is the largest hotel complex in the Balkans - Porto Carras.Neos Marmaras has two beaches, east and west, award-winning Blue Flag.
"The resort has a port from which you can go by boat on a trip to the other sleeves.This is the place for a vacation on cruise ships departing from Cassandra.
From Neos Marmaras seen uninhabited island Kelifos which will often hear called Turtle's Island. Do not leave the impression that you will see turtles - just form the island resembles a turtle.Routealmost all the trips to Cassandra includes rocky Kelifos where tourists can see it by boat or dive into the sea for a while.